Where To Find The Best Food While Dining Out In Urbana IL

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Where To Find The Best Food While Dining Out In Urbana IL

Sometimes it is challenging finding a good restaurant in a new city without looking at reviews. I’m going to save you the time looking at those rankings, and I’m going to tell you the names of four top dining establishments for you to stop by in Urbana IL. Hopefully one of them is a fit, and you’re on your way to dinner real soon in Urbana.

This first featured restaurant isn’t actually a spot for dinner because it’s only open for lunch. You need a good lunch spot though, right? Apple Dumpling is on North High Cross Road, and it features a salad bar, country ham, beef and noodles and more. Have you ever tried apple butter? You can at Apple Dumpling, and reviews mentioned that the place features lunch specials, too.

Radio Maria on North Walnut Street is a good spot to eat, too. It’s also not a dinner restaurant as much as it is a favorite brunch spot. It should be mentioned, however, that Radio Maria is open for dinner and is even open during the late night hours. Enjoy smoked pork, hummus, paella and much more. Reviews mention that you can expect a fantastic brunch menu.

What about Rainbow Garden, which is known for its Chinese cuisine? Located on East University Avenue, Rainbow Garden is quite the spacious restaurant according to the reviews. The place is nicely maintained, and people say that the lunch specials and appetizers are great, as well as the entrees. Expect great portions and affordable prices, too.

Sitara Indian Restaurant and Lounge is on South Race Street, and lamb saag is one of its claims to fame. Enjoy some delicious Indian cuisine, and have a pleasant dining experience out on the town. If you’re not used to Indian food, you’re going to get to try some new dishes. I am not as familiar with Indian cuisine, so it would be a nice treat to get to know some of the entrees and give them a try.

There are some great dining experiences in Urbana that you’re going to collect along the way. Find out which of them you like best if you are able to try all of them out. There are close to 100 restaurants city wide, and Urbana is right next by other cities with great restaurants and attractions, too. See what you think about the places that serve up some of the best food in Urbana IL.